“The CD is a worthwhile one, representing one of the best roots rock debut albums in some time, with the sound tending toward the more musically sophisticated side of the genre… There are a lot of roots rock bands on the scene these days, but few of them have the worthy combination and quality of ingredients that American Beauties brings to the table on their new release.”

George Graham – Music Director AAA, WVIA 88.9 (PBS Affiliate) Scranton/Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (Nov 21, 2012)

“American Beauties debut album “Too Worn To Mend” was added and received airplay at over 160 college and independpent radio stations in the US, Canada, and the UK. The record charted in the CMJ Top 30 at 10 stations and reached No. 1 at WVIA FM (NPR Affiliate) in Scranton/Wilkes Barre, PA. The record is also in rotation on several internet radio stations including Wrecking Ball Radio ( and The Penguin ( ”

Tinderbox Music Radio Campaign

“American Beauties signed licensing agreements with 14 cable TV shows for the use of AB’s music in their 2013 TV programming. Tinderbox Music of Minneapolis, Minnesota secured sync and master agreements with shows including: The Real World, Teen Wolf, and World of Jenks (MTV); Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe and Lamar, Mrs. Eastwood And Co. (E Channel); Tough Love (VH1); and, NASCAR (among others). ”

Tinderbox Music, TV Licensing Submittals

“American Beauties launched a full-length debut, “Too Worn To Mend” in October (2012) as a folk pop/rock group led by Michael Gray. A singer/songwriter who co-produced the 11-cut volume with Ducky Carlisle, Gray’s determination and ambition are palpable. He took an artistic risk releasing a full-length debut. The risk is duly noted. “Too Worn To Mend” pops till it rocks in a retro AM radio style. Familiar like a favourite pair of jeans, this is easy listening music without stigma. There’s a great deal of art found throughout “Too Worn To Mend.” Gray writes interesting lyrical vignettes. Musically there are gems. Gone Gone has high appeal as a single with obvious influence from early rockers. On A String is a solid second pick. The album’s title emerges in the lyrics here. The dark horse is a soulful and earthy, Grace Under Fire that rocks in a southern style, but it’s not a straight shot of country. This is Americana. Overall, Gray created an interesting, nostalgic, freshman outing”

Dark Horse Nashville (Dec 10, 2012)

“Too Worn To Mend deliberately steps to you with the mid-tempo’d “Snow Blind,” bringing with it Jayhawks-like vocal harmonies and full-bodied production qualities. The album was mixed and recorded by Grammy Award winner Ducky Carlisle (Buddy Guy, Living Proof) and the honest sound shines through via crisp vocals, broad drums, and delicate guitars. Hearing this album reminds me of when Andy Van Dyke handed me his self-titled Rainravens album in Austin, Texas a couple decades ago. Both records surprised me, embodying a mature and well-crafted musical quality without a hint of flash or pretentiousness. Just down-to-earth songwriting brought to life through solid musical performances. American Beauties sing CSNY-inspired vocals and come to play, with a great deal of seriousness and respect for their craft. It’s no surprise, then, that Too Worn To Mend is a quality album that masterfully blends its thoughtful singer/songwriter composition with an Americana-styled sensibility.”

Wiley Koepp , Coyote Music